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Word Problem Worksheets for Trigonometry (Right Triangles)

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Solving a geometry word problem requires understanding the shape described in the problem, and knowing the equation that goes with it. Here are some ideas on how to proceed.

Step 1: Identify the shape described in the word problem.

First you need to know which shape is needed to answer the question. Read through the word problem to identify this shape. For area and volume problems, the shape is named. For trigonometry problems, assume you are working with a right triangle.

Step 2: Identify the equation to answer the question.

Geometry involves a known set of equations. Use the shape and the word problem question to determine which equation is needed. You may need to memorize these equations to pass your math tests, but to solve the current problem you can refer to Reference Sheet: Geometry Equations in the tutorial.

Step 3: Plug values from the word problem into the equation.

After building the equation, reread the word problem to find numeric values to plug into the equation. Assign numeric values for every variable until only variable has no value. This should be the variable asked for in the question.

Solve the equation for the one variable that did not have a value in the word problem.

Write your answer on the question sheet for comparison to the correct value on the answer sheet. Now you can move on to the next question until you have answered them all. Great job!

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Right triangles - Pythagorean theorem
Right triangles - trigonometric functions

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